Avi-Cakes Large Parrot 1lb

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It's Love At First Bite Original, Nutritional, Flavorful. This is the recipe birds have grown to love. Lafeber blends the natural flavors of fresh seed with an equal amount of nourishing enriched pellets and the surrounds them both with sweet, scrumptious molasses. Avi-Cakes are chock-full of protein, carbohydrates, fat and every essential vitamin and mineral. They provide 100% of your bird's nutritional needs in each delicious cake, making them not just good, but good for your feathered friend. Working and Chewing Birds large and small are happiest when they're working. And, natural work is precisely what Avi-Cakes require. Seeds and pellets are bound tightly together in a bed of chewy molasses and eating them takes hard work--happiness for your bird. These chewy treats are scored for easy, precise feeding and packed in a resealable bag.